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financial services

Whether you need long-term or short-term financing, our experts can offer you a financial package tailored to your specific requirements.

Our financial instruments... Prefinancing Marco International has grown by listening to our customers and suppliers and by responding to their needs in creative and innovative ways. Nowhere is this flexibility and willingness to adapt more evident than in the customized financial packages we develop for our clients. Tailored to each institution's specific requirements and style, these packages combine advanced financial techniques with efficient and prompt credit placements and generous payment conditions. Whether it is prefinancing for our supplier's raw material requirements, financing for capital expenditure requirements, or tolling contracts, Marco is uniquely qualified to provide a financing package that best suits each client's needs.

Structured financing The advantages of offering both raw materials and financing have become attractive to a growing number of companies. Because our skilled financial executives have up-to-the-minute knowledge of both the financial markets and the metals markets, they can design a package that can accommodate specific customer needs. In fact, financial programs are usually modified - or created expressly - for a particular customer.

Asset-based financing Our communications technology provides immediate access to markets, electronically assisted order management, and sophisticated trading capabilities. And with a thorough knowledge of the raw materials with which we deal, our experience allows for the greatest possible financial leverage against assets for our clients. Among the financing services we provide are long-term and short-term commodity repurchase agreements (repos), inventory finance, tolling, cash and carry agreements, arbitrage, bill of lading finance, DIP finance, bankers acceptance finance, and financial instrument finance. In most cases, we tailor financial packages to meet specific and unique requirements.